Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Basic Problems When You Change from Windows to Mac Laptop

At some point, some of the Windows OS desktop or laptop users will be changing or started using Mac laptop or desktop. Mac OS X and Apple hardware are completely different than Windows OS and PC type laptops and desktops.
There will be some practical and usage difficulties at initial stage while changing over. The different hardware, mouse, keyboard, Operating System functions, Menus, start menu and programs would be completely different in Mac OS X that will confuse any Windows users.

Recently when I purchased a Mac Pro 13” with Retina display, I felt it’s a great hardware and Operating System, but I could not play around with it like how I used to do in Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Let me share my experience and the basic problems most of the new Mac users would face when they change from Windows to Mac OS X.

1.     Keyboard Keys

You will see your some of the Windows favorite keys missed in Mac laptop or desktop.  Some keys are placed in different location and few key combinations will work differently in Mac. It will take some time to learn and get familiarize with the new keys and keyboard layout

2. Mouse and Track pad

Even though Mac mouse and track pad is having more fun and tricks that you can play around with Mac OS X, but some of the famous Windows moues actions will not be available. Remember, there is no right click or third button on Mac mouse and track pad.

3. Operating System and Interface

It is totally a different OS, it’s not like switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and you are switching over to a complete different OS which built on UNIX base but with nice interface.
You will not find My computer, control panel, Windows start menu and start button and Windows explorer. This would be a challenge and time taking task to get familiar with Mac OS X. You must learn and understand where is where.

4. Apps work in different way

Apps (Programs in Windows) in Mac work slightly different. Installing, closing and opening an app is slightly different than Windows OS. But it would be interesting and easy when you get to know how things are working.

5. Not All programs and devices will work

This could be a minor issue when you use Mac OS. Not you’re all favorite programs or hardware devices may not work on Mac hardware and Operating System. Your USB headset may not work with your new Mac laptop or desktop wanting of driver support for Mac.
Hardware driver installation and removal are different in Mac.
You may need to use terminal (command prompt) but still a powerful tool to play around with some of the core settings in Mac OS X.

These are the initial basic problems you may face when you have changed from Windows 8 or Windows 7 OS to Mac OS X on Apple Mac hardware.
If you are a new Mac user, you can follow blog for simple Mac and Apple tips.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Laptop

If you have decided to buy a laptop, you should consider few important facts before deciding. Buying a laptop is not like buying a desktop, the main difference is, it can't be upgraded or modified as you like in future. For example, you can't add an additional hard disk to increase the disk space or replace the processor, even upgrading RAM would be expensive. So it is like a onetime purchase, because of that when you do the purchase, do a through study and purchase it. Your laptop should be compatible with existing and other forthcoming applications in future.

Major Points to Consider While purchasing a Laptop

1) The Purpose
I think this defines everything, why do you want to buy a laptop? , for playing game or do basic day to day activities, or just for internet usage or to do some video editing or 3D designing ?

Depending of the purpose, the hardware configuration requirement changes so that cost of a laptop too.
You can't buy a laptop to play high graphics games for the cost of ordinary low level laptop which was made for internet browsing only.

Decide the purpose of purchase and think to manage with the laptop for next 2 to 5 years.

2) Price
Once you have decided the purpose, you will get a rough idea of starting price of your laptop which can full fill your purpose.

Now, you can optimize each hardware configuration based on your budget limit. Also, decide the brand of the laptop depending on cost, warranty and support.

3) RAM (Memory)
This is the main part of laptop. Somehow I feel RAM size of a computer (laptop or desktop) is more important than processor. Most of the recent programs uses or requires more RAM instead of processor speed. Also, frequently RAM of a computer touches threshold limit than usage of CPU. Obviously we run out of available free RAM resources most of the time.

Therefore when you buy a laptop, better go with maximum RAM size you and laptop could afford.  You must consider the RAM usage of Operating System too, because OS also will consume certain amount of RAM all the time.

I prefer to go  with 8 GB RAM, if not, 4 GB RAM but I will keep one memory slot as free, so in future I can buy another 4 GB RAM and upgrade it.

4) Processor Speed and Type
This is mainly decided by the purpose of laptop. There are several types of processors you can think of it, like Atom, Celeron, AMD, Intel dual core, Intel Core i series and more. Each processor is having maximum capability which should match your purpose.

You can't expect an Atom processors to run 3D video games or any kind of 3D editing software.
Always before decide a processor for laptop, better learn the full configuration of it. You should consider these aspects in a processor,

Number of cores and threads,
L2 Cache size,
Supported Memory types.

These are the core things or considerations you should check while buying a new laptop.

Remember: Laptop is a onetime purchase, you can't upgrade or modify the configurations as you like do in desktop computers.

There are some more important facts you should consider, which will be shared in next post.